Animitariomancy Course: Tarot/Pendulum

3 Tiered Animitariomancy Course

Animitariomancy: Divination for Lucid Dreamers!

Come learn the new revolutionary approach to Tarot and Pendulum that people are calling Divination for Lucid Dreamers! Pioneered by author, teacher, and oneironaut, Daniel Kelley, the Animitariomancy approach sidesteps the messy and ambiguous "answers" that often plague the standard Tarot reading and does this by directly flexing the psychic muscles required for skill in the intuitive arts by any name.

"A true Tarotist doesn't require a physical deck of cards in order to read the cards."

-Daniel Kelley

In this one-on-one Course, Daniel teaches you how to download the archetypes of the Major Arcana of your favorite Tarot deck to the subconscious library of your psyche, so that the images become a language which your subconscious (and eventually your Superconscious) communicates with you. Eventually, you can dispense with the physical deck of cards entirely, as the proper cards and images will then arise before your mind's eye in answer to queries. This becomes even more apparent as the archetypal images begin to arise within your dreams.

A key component of Animitariomancy involves a gradual mastery of Conscious Sleep, especially Lucid Dreaming, as a means of interacting with and getting answers from sources beyond the Ego. This mastery is eventually expanded to include questions asked by other people, and Daniel teaches a powerful method of establishing what he calls "Etheric Rapport" with the querent to increase the efficacy of the answers.

By far the most commented-on benefit of Animitariomancy has to do with the gradual but noticeable intuitive grasp of the source of the answers given in a session. The practitioner soon learns how to spot whether an answer is coming from himself (conscious, subconscious, or Superconscious) or from an outside source such as the querent. As mastery is being worked towards, Daniel teaches the proper way to use a Pendulum to clarify "yes" or "no" questions.

This is a Three-Tiered Course, each of them $60, and includes fundamental skills which build upon each other. In the first Tier you'll learn:

• How to successfully enter Trance

• How to combine Trance with Tarot card meditation (download to psyche)

• Elementary readings without the use of an actual deck (done psychically)

In the second Tier you'll learn:

• How to use a Pendulum to clarify answers and to learn the "name" of your Guide, and find the Significator in a reading.

• A unique Tarot spread with the physical deck to obtain remarkably clear answers.

• A meditation for entering light-phase Lucid Dreaming (LD-1)

In the final Tier you'll learn:

• How to use your Etheric Body as a Pendulum.

• A meditation for opening your Etheric Body.

• How to establish Etheric Rapport with a querent.

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