How I Stumbled Upon the Secret Key to Astral Projection

by Daniel Kelley

The year was 1999. A world-weary and disenchanted Yours Truly had indulged the pleasure principle to the point of exhaustion. Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll had been the only Holy Trinity I had  worshiped for the past ten years, and quite frankly, it led nowhere. Oh I know what you're probably thinking:

This guy probably spent all of his money on women and wine and then, exhausted and broke, suddenly found religion.

Well, not exactly.

I wasn't snatched up by the scruff of my neck, blinded for several days, and admonished by an invisible voice to get right with God.

This isn't that kind of story.

Instead, I was thrust into an abyss of apathy. The dark night of the soul was upon me and no amount of praying or screwing or drinking was was going to breathe meaning back into my life. Fortunately, natural mystical and musical inclination mingled with this Sorrow and gave me some relief. At first, I was glued to my piano. I made sure I was safe and warm under blankets of crumpled up papers with lyrics dripping with regret, heartbreak, and existential Fatalism.

And then I did I didn't really DO anything......rather, it just happened:

I sat on my couch, wrapped myself up in a blanket, closed my eyes, and stared inward at this pitiable creature I'd become. Not that I was meditating. Well, that's not how I saw it anyway. I wasn't "practicing" or doing A to get to B. To be honest, I didn't have any desire to get anything or anywhere. Instead, having nowhere to go and nothing to do, I just sat there unmoved and immovable. I couldn't be STIMULATED or compelled to move outward. If a terrible thought or a pleasurable feeling or craving emerged, I simply ignored it. Why? Well, on the one hand, I didn't trust myself. That is, I felt like any solution which my mind could muster to any given problem would have to be wrong. After all, I felt like the incarnation of wrong.

Desire for friends, sex, fun, stuff, money, and ambition had, for the time being, ceased to hold for me any appeal whatsoever. I quit my job. I stopped paying my bills. I stopped talking to my friends. I just.......stopped.

At the time, I was 21 years old, and this state of affairs lasted until I was 22. A wonderful woman named Dorrie had taken me under her wing and allowed me to stay at her place during this time. She asked for nothing in return.

Then, suddenly, IT HAPPENED!

While sleeping one Autumn night, still in this state of total surrender, I began aware of an adrenaline-like surge rising up within me. My entire body felt like it was going numb and my breathing had stopped entirely. For a moment, I thought that I was dying.

I was fine with that.

Voices surrounded me, warning me to go back. I even felt something or someone kick the foot of my bed!

There were buzzing and popping sounds that felt like they were coming from the center of my brain, and then:


At first I felt a strange swinging sensation, like I was on a boat or a water bed. I was swinging and swaying back and forth like an invisible pendulum in the dark. Then.....I was up and out!

I could hear my breathing a few feet below me. It sounded like it was echoing down a narrow metal tube. Then I remembered:


As a child, I suffered from terrible sleep disturbances. Lucid Dreams were a nighty occurrence, only most of them were Lucid Nightmares. I suddenly remembered that I had Astral experiences quite often as a child but for some reason had forgotten them.

The next morning marked the beginning of a passionate quest to study, practice, and make sense of these powerful, terrifying, and often magical phenomena. I joined Hermetic orders and learned their methods. I practiced Tantra, Zen, Taoist Qigong, Kabbalah, Krishnamurti's  "choiceless awareness", and Vedanta.

I've practiced these methods for two decades now and they've all helped in some way, but if you're looking for a secret key to Astral Projection then it's Vedanta that holds this key.

What is the essence of Vedanta?

The late Vedantic sage, Ramana Maharshi, described the essence of Vedanta when he said the following two statements:

"If it's not present in deep dreamless sleep then it's not real"


"Just as a match can light a fire and then be thrown into that fire and consumed, so too can the ego be thrown into the fire of self-inquiry and be consumed."

First of all, literally NOTHING is present in deep dreamless sleep! And that's Ramana's point. If all sensory and mental objects are gone and yet a flame of awareness remains burning, then that flame is the very seat of your consciousness.

Two, self-inquiry is a psychological maneuver in which you're searching for the true YOU, your psychological center. A basic tenet in this method is that your true Self can't be turned into an object of awareness. Thus, if you can objectify it then it isn't your true self.

You can only BE yourself. You can't KNOW yourself.

What I had accidentally accomplished, due to my single-minded turning away from any urge to move outward toward desire and it's many objects, was to unblock my natural ability for OBE!

Eventually, as a secondary consequence of trying to find clarity and understanding of this ability, I created a system for reproducing it and teaching others how to partake in these magnificent experiences. I call this system Subliminal Cognition Training™. The core of this system is called the 120-Days Curriculum.

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection saved my life. Let me share it with you! 😊



“A Descriptive Tour of the Five Veils of Perception as Outlined in Subliminal Cognition Training™. A First-hand Account”

By Daniel Kelley

The Veil of Tears is a paradoxical place. It extends to us one hand open in friendship and the other one closed tightly into a fist. It offers both the taste of honey and of sulfur in the same bite, conferring at once both promise and betrayal. From birth, we are thrust mercilessly through the Abyss, choked and cheered by our own umbilical cords, and taught the fine line which separates a strangle from a hug.

In the Veil of Tears we receive both lashes and love. We cry tears of joy and tears of pain. We share moments of wordless wonder. We crawl, grovel, walk, run, make love, scream, sigh, sing and dance, all in homage to that shadow-clad debt-collector, the Grim Reaper.

Welcome to Eden! Welcome to Hell! Welcome to Heaven's outhouse!

It was a hot August day in upstate New York. The sun was completing his daily chariot-ride across the firmament and was sinking slowly on the Western horizon, leaving behind a trail of motley exhaust fumes for the shy twilight stars to feast upon. My body, aching from hours of overwork, had settled into a convoluted inner snarl. I could practically taste the lactic acid pooling within my muscles as my Qi meridians began their nightly yield to the Circadian rhythm.

It takes roughly an hour of focused Nei Gong, stretching, and an alternating cold/hot shower to fully bolster the healing and recovery phase of the intense workout routine that is my life, but this is how a Veiler navigates the Veil of Tears:

Sensitively, skillfully, and scientifically.

As I lay down to sleep, I relax my body completely. Using what I call Mobile Mental Focus™ in combination with progressive relaxation, I relax my physical body thoroughly (Gross Body). By doing so, I also stimulate my Qi meridians and cause them to open (Etheric Body). At the same time, I allow thoughts to come and go without getting attached to or identified with them. The moment my thoughts become something I FEEL rather than something I THINK, I know that I'm fully immersed in my Etheric Body at the Veil of Breath and that the Veil of Tears is falling behind me. Soon the Veil of Dreams will emerge from the void.

As my awareness of my physical body slowly fades, I circulate Qi within the Microcosmic Orbit around my body to cleanse my Etheric Body and loosen my Astral Body. As I feel this working, I'm grateful for my many years of dedicated practice. Soon, microbursts of dreaming flash across my mind's eye. At first, I feel myself yielding to the irrational logic of the Veil of Dreams, but soon the absurdity of dream stuff alerts me to the fact that I'm dreaming. Periods of dreaming and absolute stillness of mind and being alternate and vie for my attention,

But I remain unmoved…

Then, suddenly, I become aware of an intense light shining behind my eyes. Sometimes this light appears as bright flashes, at other times it resembles a pulsing lighthouse beacon. Hypnogogia swirl in psychedelic patterns behind my eyes. I focus on these for a while and then the light gets even brighter. Then…...then…...


I'm in my Dream Body and fully behind the Veil of Dreams.

Powerful vibrations course through my body like an adrenaline surge that threatens to wrench me from Lucidity, but I rest in pure awareness, the calm eye of the storm, my “Shen”, the center of my consciousness. I rest in this pure Being while voices swell in the darkness, some menacing and others benign. I can sense presences in the room around me and my body is going completely numb. My heartbeat feels erratic and my breathing has disappeared. I ignore these sensations and focus on the emerging dream scenarios.

As I move deeper into the Dream Realm, I am confronted by people and places both familiar and foreign. I find that some of them are trying to teach me something. Sometimes I'll be given the solution to a creative problem which has eluded me for some time. Other times I'm given entire poems or book titles. Then there are the premonitions: those strange dreams in which I'm shown the future. I've predicted car accidents, political elections, social situations, and natural disasters in this way.

In the Dream Realm, I can do whatsoever I want provided I'm psychologically prepared to embrace it. If not, then Dream Control will not happen. I can have mind-blowing sex, fly, breathe under water, defeat monsters and talk to angels.

The Laws of Physics don't apply here!

Then something unexpected happens; something both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time:

The dream is shaken suddenly like an earthquake is in progress. My entire being feels as though it may be swallowed up by the event-horizon of some invisible black hole. The very universe feels like it's speeding up to an impossible pace all around me, and yet I can't move. I can't breathe. Powerful waves which resemble an electrical current pulsate and throb through my Etheric Body. Popping and buzzing sounds explode all around me and voices are heard whispering in the dark. This reaches a feverish pitch and then…..then….


I'm hovering two feet or so from my body. At first I panic but quickly manage to center myself in my Causal awareness and all becomes still. I can see, but darkly. I can feel too, but everything feels ballooned and disproportionate. I can hear but everything sounds like I'm listening while submerged under water. I can even hear someone breathing! Who's here?!

Oh, wait, that's just me. Phew! My breathing sounds like it's echoing down a long metal tune.

I manage to Astrally travel to the kitchen and get a glimpse of the digital stove clock.


I travel back to my body and for a moment dream scenarios blend with Astral perception. I center my awareness and I'm nowhere to be found all at the same time. I feel like I'm resting in the calm heart of heaven itself! I know this to be the Veil of Bliss, that coveted treasure of innumerable sages and buddhas. I then feel a throbbing ache slowly spreading over my feeling-awareness and I feel heavy, VERY heavy. I can feel the pressure of my bed pushing up on the joints of my physical body and it dawn on me:

I'm back to the Veil of Tears.

Back to that darkly splendid world of perpetual whining and hades wrapped in clouds. Where ecstasy dances with agony in a comic and cosmic waltz of wonder and rage, death rattle and orgasm, love and hate.

And I stand here more fully aware of it and more eager to embrace it than ever before.



By Daniel Kelley

As a Lucid Dreamer, I've often noticed the impact of natural tides, cycles, and cosmic events upon my behind-the-Veil adventures. Also, as a Taoist Qigong practitioner of over two decades, I've always been fascinated by the effects of such things on the overall status of my Qi (Etheric Body).

When you see these things first hand, over the course of many years, they cease to be abstract ideas and become part of your everyday experience.

When I first began to notice the connection between my Qigong practice and my OBE/Lucid Dreaming cycles, it came as a sort mini-enlightenment for me. The first thing I noticed is that when I sleep in alignment with Earth's magnetic field my Lucid Dreams are more frequent and prolonged. Imagine my surprise when I discovered some time later that science has proven that sleeping in said arrangement actually prolongs REM sleep (dreaming)!

The second thing I noticed is that I have certain TYPES of dreams at specific times of the night. For example, around 4:00-6:00am I notice an increase in sexual dreams. Strangely, this is the time when Qi (bioelectricity) floods the pituitary gland and the Huiyin cavity (perineum) to stimulate Jing production (sex hormones).

The third thing I noticed is the effect of solar storms, seasons, and lunar phases upon how VIVID my dreams are. During the Autumn and Winter, I noticed an increase in how VIVID my dreams are. How LUCID my dreams are during this time doesn't seem to be affected, but they define become more vivid during the dry/cold periods of the year. Coincidentally, Qi is naturally moving inward during this time to protect the internal organs and hibernate, and therefore the inner world becomes more active (called "Qi view" in Taoism).

I also noticed the effects of excess sexual activity on my OBE. Not so much my Lucid Dreams, but my Astral Projection. I don't know how this applies to women but it definitely applies to men.

One of the most obvious and noticeable influences upon Qi status has to do with Circadian rhythm. Briefly, the Circadian rhythm is your built-in biological sundial. All of your hormones, your heartbeat, your brainwaves, and yes, your Qi status, are all influenced by the position of the sun in the sky.

You don't have to be a Taoist immortal to feel that influence, either 😏

But I can tell you with absolute certainty that it's important. I've logged many hours in my dream journal. I've seen the patterns and the verdict is in:

The Sun and Moon effect OBE and Lucid Dreaming!!!!!!!

I'm currently working toward targeting the proper timings for the Sun and Moon's effects on the 12 Meridians of the Etheric Body so as to target specific times of night to induce a WILD (wake induced Lucid Dream) that harmonizes with where Qi is pooling at any given time of night.


How will the coming solar eclipse on August 21st affect Lucid Dreams? Will it affect them? Or will it be just a pretty light show with zero consequence to behind-the-Veilers?


Go to and punch in your Zip code to find out which time the eclipse will happen in your demographic. Then go to sleep!!!! That's right. Go to sleep and Lucid Dream. Yeah, sure, you'll miss the eclipse, but this is in the interest of science!


The Importance of Mindfulness on the path to Dream Lucidity

By Daniel Kelley

Okay. So you've already been introduced to Subliminal Cognition Training™. You've read the book “Behind the Veil” and you've completed the 120-Days-Curriculum© and you've no doubt had some breakthroughs. You've probably gotten to a point where your five senses are involved in your dreams (Vivid Dreams). You've probably already had many Lucid Dreams and Pellucid Dreams. Perhaps you've also already gone Astral and have seen that, despite the pandemic confusion, that it's not the same as Lucid Dreaming.

That's to be expected!

You know, it's not easy getting people to embrace your system when you don't have a bunch of fancy letters after your last name. I'm not a doctor. I'm not a PhD or well-known authority on this subject. I'm just a guy who's spent the past lifetime trying to make sense out of spontaneous OBE’s, Lucid Dreams, and Psychic Phenomena. That said, I believe that I've done just that. If you don't believe me, see for yourself!

In my book, “Behind the Veil: the Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep”, I introduce the basic core of my system for the attainment of Lucid and Pellucid Dreaming as well as Astral Projection. In future publications, I'll flesh out the finer details of this Integral approach to Conscious Sleep.

In this blog, I'd like to take a moment to share with you an invaluable secret to behind the Veil access.

It's called MINDFULNESS.

You've probably already got an inkling of what mindfulness is. What, with Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie and Gangaji et al, mindfulness has become a household word!


But how does mindfulness relate to Conscious Sleep?

Well, I wrote a whole book on this subject, so I won't bore you with repetition. Instead, TRY THIS:

The next time you lay down to sleep or nap, relax your body completely. I mean REALLY relax! Surrender. Let go. Exhale…..

That's right. With each natural exhalation, feel your body melt into the mattress. Try to feel as if the bed is rising up to meet your sinking body. Keep at this until you feel completely relaxed.

Do NOT fall asleep!!!!!

Next, bring your attention to your thoughts. I don't mean any particular thought, but rather, the very movement of thought itself. Don't judge any thought as “good” or “bad”. Rather, just witness the center of the movement of thought as if you were watching clouds in the sky or a movie on the television.

Go on, keep this up for a while. Here's what's going to happen:


First, you will experience hypnogogia: psychedelic dream imagery. Go with this, but don't get lost in it. Stay alert!!!! This is know technically as “dream spindles”, microbursts of dreaming. But don't be fooled. This isn't full-fledged Lucid Dreaming. I call this this “LD-1”. It's just the initial lure into the sleep state. This evolves into LD-2, which is a deeper state of hypnogogia. If you change sustain alertness here, you will reach the threshold of LD-3.

This is true Lucid Dreaming and represents a milestone in the evolution of your consciousness. It takes tremendous discipline and patience to achieve, but you can do it!!!

The key is to maintain relaxed focus on the very root of your thinking process. This isn't so hard to do up to LD-2, but once you reach the threshold of LD-3 the challenge is pretty great. For starters, your body goes numb. This means that your breathing appears to stop and your body feels dead (sleep paralysis), which produces various hallucinations and such.

In my latest book, “Behind the Veil: the Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep”, I introduce a comprehensive system for cultivating Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. I've spent the last two decades synthesizing these methods for my own clarity! Now I can offer it to you.

If you haven't already done so, are you ready to take the challenge of the 120-Days-Curriculum?


Integral Dream Yoga

In the "Milam" sect of Tibetan yoga, they practice "dream yoga" as a method for attaining spiritual enlightenment. On the one hand, they aim to attain Vivid Dreaming through the practice of concentration and visualization. Meditation objects employed to this end can be anything from colorful mandalas to deities and landscapes.

In stage two of Dream Yoga training, monks cultivate Lucid Dreaming, in which the dreamer become aware within the dream and knows he is dreaming. Once this is attained, the next goal is to attain Dream Control, which is the ability to manipulate dream content.

One of the fascinating aims of this stage of Dream Yoga is the attempt to unite opposites into one, such as transcending the five primordial Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit by merging them. For example, you might blend Water and Air by breathing under water in a Lucid Dream, or blend Fire and Earth (physical body) by walking through fire in a Lucid Dream, and so on in various other combinations. The primordial Element of Spirit represents not Lucid but Pellucid Dreaming and the eventual attainment of Astral Projection.

Other forms of Dream Control are the ability to transcend the egoic limitations spawned by the daily constraints of the Laws of Physics. The most common of these is unquestionably Lucid Dreams of flying, but other forms of expression are the ability to become tall or short or change the size, color, and shape of dream objects and landscapes.

One of the best ways to begin this advanced training of Dream Control is to perform "reality-checks" throughout the day. This is by far the most popular method for training Dream Control and has been used by many traditions for centuries, possibly millennia. Examples of how this is done? Well, you might place an object in front of you am try to levitate it with the power of your mind. Not that you're aiming to actually succeed in levitating it, although if you DO succeed, call me....we need to talk about me becoming your disciple! Rather, the very attempt to do something so insulting to logic is that your subconscious mind gets stimulated while you're awake, causing your conscious and subconscious selves to turn around and face each other, as it were. In order for this to work you must REALLY believe that you can levitate the object in front of you. Not only that, but the very question of levitating the object throws momentary doubt on whether one is awake or dreaming. This is much like those crazy moments when we exclaim, "Somebody pinch me. I must be dreaming!"

In my own system, I go a step further and actually confront the Elements in real life. For example, for Water I advocate regular cold showers (even in Winter). For Air, skydiving, parachuting, Pranamaya (breath control). For Earth, lifting weights (emphasis on heavy weight), Internal Muscle/Tendon Changing practices like Taiji Qigong and Xingyiquan (the real deal, not the commercial versions!). For Fire I advocate "fire-walking" training and Tummo practice (legitimate Teachers only!). Lastly, for Spirit, I recommend Siddhi Yoga practices, Astral Projection training, and formless Meditation practice.

Get creative!

In my system of Subliminal Cognition Training™, I offer a comprehensive system that honors YOU according to YOU and not according to the system. Furthermore, rudimentary skills are trained that higher skills such as Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection depend upon. In this Integral approach, we exercise all three Bodies: Gross, Subtle, and Causal. The "subtle-body" includes the Qi meridians, Reverie and Inspiration, the Dream (emotional) Body, and the Astral Body. The Causal Body is the ground and most subtle aspect of the Subtle Body.

All of these "bodies" are best thought of as energetic FEELING zones. They represent where YOU are centered and the needs and skills associated with the specific environments they occupy. While you're in the physical environment, your needs are basically food, safety, and sex. But your Subtle Body is present as emotions, desires, inspiration, fantasy, psychic gifts (if you have them), and so forth. When you dream, your needs are primarily consolidation, throwing off stress, and rebalancing of Etheric force in the meridians (Qi redistribution). While you're in the Astral Body, your needs are spiritual insight and communication, soul-lessons, and the overall consequences of psychic rapport (Karma). The Causal Body is primarily concerned with deep rest and regeneration, existential root, and the threshold of life and death.

Interested in giving this system a try?

If so, then you've just made the decision to occupy your Self more fully, with more awareness, care, authenticity, and power. I've spent the past twenty years practicing, refining, and synthesizing the many systems and methods of Conscious Sleep. In my 120-Days-Curriculum, I draw on Tibetan, Yogic, Zen, Taoist, and Hermetic methods and synthesize them into a sixteen-week training module that I'm confident will help you in your own quest.

Get started on your journey to becoming a Veiler!

Your Fellow Traveller,

-Daniel Kelley


Subliminal Cognition Training (SCT) © : An Integral Approach to Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and More

The Veiler's Haven is an organization dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness. Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Near Death Experience, Entheogens, Telepathy, Meditation, Spiritual Communication, Higher Sexuality, and the conscious manipulation of Etheric force (Qi) are the primary areas of research. Using the avant garde approach of Subliminal Cognition Training, a methodology pioneered by author and teacher, Daniel A. Kelley, an Integral approach which honors the Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit of the seeker anchored in a strong network of support from fellow aspirants, teachers, researchers, authors, and friends.

The core module of SCT is grounded in the 120-Days-Curriculum in which heightened awareness is brought into the three broad states of Awake, Dreaming, and Deep Dreamless Sleep. Furthermore, the energetic "bodies" which house each of these respective states of consciousness are exercised in very specific ways so as to form a unified and conscious link between them. These "bodies" are known as the Gross (physical), Subtle, and Causal bodies, respectively.

The so-called "subtle" body is a heading which includes the following energetic embodiments:

1. The Etheric Body (the Qi meridians and Aura)

2. The Mental body (Ego Identity, Concepts, Dreams, Insights)

3. The Astral Body (Emotions, Spiritual Contact, Creative Inspiration)

And the so-called "causal" body is the most subtle and rudimentary aspect of the aforementionedes.

In the SCT approach, each of these Bodies are anchored in a World or vibrational Environment which resonates with it's respective needs and capabilities. The Gross Body occupies the World of food and sex. The Subtle Body occupies the World of ideas, astral beings, bioelectricity, inspiration, and dreams. The Causal Body occupies the World of Bliss, where meditative states of formless absorption, trance, and Source are found. Without the Casual Body, the other Bodies would have no consciousness, and without the other Bodies the Causal Body would enter another life, another dimension, or whatever happens behind the ultimate Veil called Death.

That remains a mystery!

Each of these Bodies are typically unaware of each other, separated by a series of invisible Veils of unconsciousness, fear, ignorance, and mystery. In the SCT nomenclature, these Veils are as follows:

• The Veil of Tears. (Gross Body)

• The Veil of Breath. (Etheric Body)

• The Veil of Dreams. (Dream Body/Mental Body)

• The Veil of Ghosts. (Astral Body)

• The Veil of Bliss. (Causal Body)

By practicing SCT, we bring ever increasing amounts of care, sensitivity, and consciousness into these subliminal corners of our bodymind and their respective Worlds. This system stands on the heals of the Integral Model of Human Development. The work of Ken Wilber, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, and other pioneers of the Integral Movement, are brought to bear and applied specifically to the cultivation of Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Psychic Phenomena, Etheric manipulation (Qigong, Laya Yoga), and Meditation.

For practical instruction in SCT, see: Behind the Veil: the Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep


Behind the Veil: Promotional Blog

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Vivid Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Pellucid Dreams, and Astral Projection? Are you interested in learning these skills but are confused by the plethora of conflicting information available in the literature?

Well, my fellow travelers, perhaps you might find the answer in my latest book, Behind the Veil: the Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep.

Complete with cutting-edge techniques both modern and ancient, culled from Taoist, Tantric, and Yogic traditions, as well as my own personal discoveries and methods developed over the course of twenty years, Behind the Veil offers a thorough, Integral, and full-spectrum approach to Conscious Sleep.

We all have access to the three broad states of Waking, Dreaming, and Dreamless Sleep. Each of these states has a corresponding Body or vehicle (Gross, Subtle, and Causal bodies). When these bodies are properly exercised and educated to acquire the treasures of Conscious Sleep, they respond by adapting so as to be able to house these nascent capabilities.

Using my 120-Days-Curriculum, the process of Neuroplasticity is employed to literally changed your neuronet. As explained in the book, just as a dancer's body is different in very specific ways from, say, a bodybuilder's body, so too is the body of an Astral Projector and Lucid Dreamer different. By utilizing my original system, called Subliminal Cognition Training (SCT), I will show you how to cultivate the anatomy required to house these skills.

I have been what I call a "Veiler" for over two decades. My journey began in early childhood and was actually quite terrifying. It took me many years to understand what was happening and how to extract the treasure from the terror.

In Behind the Veil, I believe that I have accomplished this.

Whether you are an experienced Lucid Dreamer/Astral Projector, someone seeking powerful no-nonsense methods for becoming one, or if you have or are suffering from related phenomena and are seeking clarity, Behind the Veil is the book for you!

I have written the book that I would have wanted to read during my darker days of wandering in confusion.

I trust that it will serve you well on your own quest.

Your Fellow Traveller,

-Daniel Allen Kelley


"At first I was skeptical. So many books out there toting New Age nonsense. Then a friend of mine who tried some of the exercises in "Behind the Veil" insisted that I try it. All I have to say is this author is the real deal!"

-Jessica Mathews (Missouri)

"I had the pleasure of actually speaking to Mr. Kelley before reading his book. I was pretty impressed by his overall presence, and especially his respect for how each mind is unique and learns in different ways. Then he mentioned his new book and I decided to give it a read. I liked the conversational tone of the book and his personal accounts of lucid dreaming and astral projection. The curriculum in the book is very challenging and definitely not designed for dabblers! Definitely looking forward to his next book."

Robert Hall (Holyoke Massachusetts)

"As someone who has suffered from misdiagnosed 'night-terrors' and sleep 'disorders' in early childhood, I was thrilled when I read Kelley's personal accounts as a child struggling with natural OBE and lucid dreams. I thought to myself...finally! Somebody gets it!"

Vicky (Miami Florida)


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