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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Vivid Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Pellucid Dreams, and Astral Projection? Are you interested in learning these skills but are confused by the plethora of conflicting information available in the literature?

Well, my fellow travelers, perhaps you might find the answer in my latest book, Behind the Veil: the Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep.

Complete with cutting-edge techniques both modern and ancient, culled from Taoist, Tantric, and Yogic traditions, as well as my own personal discoveries and methods developed over the course of twenty years, Behind the Veil offers a thorough, Integral, and full-spectrum approach to Conscious Sleep.

We all have access to the three broad states of Waking, Dreaming, and Dreamless Sleep. Each of these states has a corresponding Body or vehicle (Gross, Subtle, and Causal bodies). When these bodies are properly exercised and educated to acquire the treasures of Conscious Sleep, they respond by adapting so as to be able to house these nascent capabilities.

Using my 120-Days-Curriculum, the process of Neuroplasticity is employed to literally changed your neuronet. As explained in the book, just as a dancer's body is different in very specific ways from, say, a bodybuilder's body, so too is the body of an Astral Projector and Lucid Dreamer different. By utilizing my original system, called Subliminal Cognition Training (SCT), I will show you how to cultivate the anatomy required to house these skills.

I have been what I call a "Veiler" for over two decades. My journey began in early childhood and was actually quite terrifying. It took me many years to understand what was happening and how to extract the treasure from the terror.

In Behind the Veil, I believe that I have accomplished this.

Whether you are an experienced Lucid Dreamer/Astral Projector, someone seeking powerful no-nonsense methods for becoming one, or if you have or are suffering from related phenomena and are seeking clarity, Behind the Veil is the book for you!

I have written the book that I would have wanted to read during my darker days of wandering in confusion.

I trust that it will serve you well on your own quest.

Your Fellow Traveller,

-Daniel Allen Kelley


"At first I was skeptical. So many books out there toting New Age nonsense. Then a friend of mine who tried some of the exercises in "Behind the Veil" insisted that I try it. All I have to say is this author is the real deal!"

-Jessica Mathews (Missouri)

"I had the pleasure of actually speaking to Mr. Kelley before reading his book. I was pretty impressed by his overall presence, and especially his respect for how each mind is unique and learns in different ways. Then he mentioned his new book and I decided to give it a read. I liked the conversational tone of the book and his personal accounts of lucid dreaming and astral projection. The curriculum in the book is very challenging and definitely not designed for dabblers! Definitely looking forward to his next book."

Robert Hall (Holyoke Massachusetts)

"As someone who has suffered from misdiagnosed 'night-terrors' and sleep 'disorders' in early childhood, I was thrilled when I read Kelley's personal accounts as a child struggling with natural OBE and lucid dreams. I thought to myself...finally! Somebody gets it!"

Vicky (Miami Florida)



Keep Your Candle Burning: Three Tips for Protecting Lucidity


If you've stopped remembering your dreams OR are having trouble sustaining Lucidity and Astral Projection, it very may be for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Fatigue. And I'm not merely referring to the type of exhaustion that comes from working overtime or being a full-time mom, etc. That too, plus something....extra. The core of consciousness has gone by many names in many traditions since probably the dawn of the Agrarian Age. The Indians call it "Atman", the Egyptians called it "Ka", and the Chinese Taoists call it "Shen". This essential core of consciousness, that which is the very root of your Self, can be likened to a candle flame.

Without adequate wax or gas, it won't burn very bright!

Many things can contribute to the weakening of your Shen (let's use that title), including stress, lack of sleep, emotional overwhelm, excess caffeine and alcohol, anxiety and depression, and even too much sex! (Especially for men).

2. The next common contributor to loss of dream recall has to do with one's alignment with the tides of Nature.

Try this little experiment and call me in the morning:

First, align your bed with Earth's magnetic field. Yup. That's right. Even cows, dogs, and cats do it! Not only that, but it's been scientifically proven that people who sleep in this arrangement have longer periods of REM sleep.

That means more time for dreaming and more chance of dream recall!

Just remember to sleep with your head facing magnetic North/South. It doesn't really seem to matter whether your head or feet face North or South, just that you're in alignment.

This has another remarkable benefit:

Your pineal gland, which is situated in the deepest part of the brain and is responsible for sleep cycles and Circadian rhythm and.....well.....some more, let's say, controversial phenomena, has tiny magnetic crystals in it which respond to the PEMF of the Earth's magnetic field. This aids in decalcifying your Pineal Gland, which aids in smoother operation of your Shen. Also, it's important to go to sleep at roughly the same time every night and wake up roughly the same time every day. Avoid the night shift if you can! Instead, align yourself with a Circadian rhythm and follow the sun!

3. Lastly, if you're still having trouble remembering dreams or becoming Lucid and Astral Projecting after trying the above suggestions, look to the power of your intention. That is, make a consistent and positive affirmation to your subconscious that you wish to recall and become Lucid within your dreams. Do this by keeping a regular Dream Journal and by asserting a strong desire to do so throughout the day and before you go to sleep every night.

Believe me, if you make it a priority to be conscious throughout the sleep cycle, your subconscious will give you what you seek!

As for Astral Projection.......well, that's a conversation for another time 😋

Your Fellow Traveller,




(See my follow-up entry, "Keep Your Candle Burning: Three Tips for Protecting Lucidity) for some handy advice on how to avoid weakening your Lucidity)

This is quite a controversial topic in the LD and AP community. In most refined and ancient systems of subtle-body cultivation, a period of sexual abstinence is required while the aspirant attempts to build the muscles of his physical, etheric, and astral bodies. This applies mostly to men. How it applies to women is virtually unknown and unspoken. I'd be interested to hear from female Veilers on this matter, particularly if and how the menstrual cycle affects their Lucidity and Astral Travel.

When I first came across this principle it was through the practice of Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing Qigong, a staple of Taoist Internal Alchemy, and through my practice of Taijiquan. My initial thoughts on the matter were that abstinence had merit in the physical arts, such as sports and weightlifting for example, but that in the subtle-body arts it was probably just a spiritually paranoid vestige of an ancient taboo surrounding sex.

But then I experimented with it...

And what I found confirmed it's veracity:

Too much ejaculation definitely does affect your degree of Lucidity, and especially how "embodied" your OBE is. Note that I said too much "ejaculation" effects OBE. I didn't say that too much "sex" affects it.

I used to have nightly (and terrifying) OBE's as a child, until fear slammed the door shut by age 16; but I actually reopened the door to LD and AP by accident when I hit my 20's (I'm 38 now). Not only did I reopen the door to LD and AP, but I discovered a cool secret to accessing ever-deeper layers of it!

I'd like to share this secret with you, if you're so inclined to try it (and if your spouse/partner is VERY understanding!) 😂😐

I'm a sincere long-term student of Taijiquan and Taoist Qigong. In the year 2009, I began practicing an art called "Yi Jin Jing Xi Sui Jing", which has as it's first requirement a three month long abstinence from ejaculation. By the third week, I began having spontaneous exit-symptoms of OBE, which eventually led to full on Lucid Dreams and Astral Travel! I enjoyed these and other rarified experiences for a while but, because I'm married, I eventually had sex and immediately lost all access to Lucidity. I waited another week with no sex and it immediately came back. I told my wife what I discovered and we went so far has to train me to have sex without always needing to orgasm (she's awesome, what can I say?).

I also noticed during this time that my feeling-awareness was weakened after ejaculation. That is, during my Qigong and Taijiquan practices, I noticed that my "Qi" felt weak and that I had trouble locating the centers along my Microcosmic Orbit.

This was an important find for me. When you hear someone say something like, "Hey, man, ejaculation weakens Qi", your initial response is to call it superstitious BS.

But when you verify if for yourself it's a real discovery!

I did notice that ejaculation did NOT affect how VIVID my dreams are, but how LUCID they are suffered tremendously.

I'm currently almost finished a book on Lucid Dreaming and OBE. It will be ready by June if anyone is interested.

Your Fellow Traveller,



Anatomy of a Veiler: The Unique Physiology of Lucid Dreamers and Astral Projectors

By: Daniel Kelley

Just a quick walk through the New Age or Religions section of a bookstore or library will give the first-impression of a spiritual value-meal menu and it can be pretty daunting to approach the big picture with fresh eyes. You've got the Christian package, the Buddhist package, the Shinto package, the Muslim package, the Pagan package, and even the Extraterrestrial package! It's easy to assume that these are all discreet spiritual highways with very little in common, but that's just not true.

Over the course of my twenty years of involvement in the various Wisdom Traditions of the world, I've discovered their many commonalities despite their cultural differences. Whether we're talking about Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, or any other ism for that matter, we're still talking about people, and people have more similarities than differences. It should then come as no surprise that the myriad systems created by a given people or person to makes sense of their rarified experiences should, at their core, have more in common than their surfaces might suggest.

What's the common core shared by the great spiritual traditions?

ANSWER: The Perennial Philosophy.

Put simply, the Perennial Philosophy is the oldest and most universal developmental model shared by contemplative traditions of all times and places. The belief that the universe, including human consciousness, is comprised of an onion-like series of layers or nests leading from dirt to deity, from dust to divine, is found in virtually every known culture of the world. A common theme running through most versions of the Perennial Philosophy is that each level, world, plane, body, or realm is separated by “sheathes” or veils, much like the layers of an onion are separate and yet still comprise the whole onion itself. In fact, they are the onion.

The most stripped-down versions of the Perennial Philosophy tend to look something like this:

                                                       • Earth=Man=Heaven

                                                       • Ecosphere=Biosphere=Noosphere

                                                       • Body=Mind=Spirit

And so on...

In my studies and practices, I've worked with the Perennial Philosophy as it appears on the Kabbalah's Tree of Life, in the internal Alchemy of Taoism, the five Koshas of Vedanta, and of course the “five primary Veils” of my own system:


                                                       • the Veil of Tears

                                                        • the Veil of Breath

                                                        • the Veil of Dreams

                                                        • the Veil of Ghosts

                                                        • the Veil of Bliss

*(These correspond to the Physical, Etheric, Mental, Astral and Causal principles, respectively. In this book we're working primarily with the Veil of Dreams and secondarily with the Veil of Ghosts).

Another important principle of the Perennial Philosophy has to do with the energetic embodiment in which we travel through and behind these respective Veils. The most basic description of these "bodies" is found in the well-known format of Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit, and it's many compact versions.

The compacted versions typically look like this:


                                                        • Physical Body/Etheric

                                                        • Mental Body/Ego Body

                                                        • Emotion Body/Astral Body

                                                        • Spirit Body/Causal Body

Some systems go a step further and lump Astral, Mental, and Etheric under the heading of "subtle-body". Honestly, though, depending on how and why you choose to slice that pie, you could just as easily give a scheme of:


                                                          • Gross


                                                          • Subtle


                                                          • Very Subtle.

It all depends on which Veil you're stepping behind and who's mapping out these basic structures of the human bodymind. For example, in Sigmund Freud's system of Psychoanalysis, he lists the psychological triad of:

                                                            • Id



                                                            • Ego


                                                            • Superego.

In such a system, the Mental Body is obviously of primary importance, and the Veil which separates the Biosphere (physical life) from the Noosphere (the realm of Mind) is the one being stepped behind. Because most systems tend to favor one realm/body over the others, it's often left to another system to fill in the gaps. Take sports, for example. Most sports deal primarily with the physical body. Of course, the mental aspect is there in the form of rules and strategy, but the bulk of athletic sports is unarguably a Gross Body endeavor. As a result, many progressive thinkers in the realm of athletic performance have begun to study "the zone", a flow-state experienced by many athletes that has Nondual characteristics. Today, it's not uncommon to find football players practicing Tai Chi, a Subtle Body exercise, or Mindfulness meditation, a Causal Body practice.

The bottom line?

As long as you're exercising Body, Mind, and Soul, you're a complete human being; and as long as you're capable of smoothly transitioning from Gross to Subtle realms you're a Veiler!

In this book, we're mostly exercising the subtle-body, with an emphasis on the Etheric and Astral. Whenever possible, I include Gross and Causal Body practices to enhance Dream and Astral skill. One of the most significant points to bear in mind is that all of these "bodies" are really just the limbs of one unified body. That bodymind, that organic unity, is the stuff you're made of; and being a Veiler is simply a snappy way of saying that you know how to navigate the secret spaces of that mystery.

But being a Veiler is more than that...

It my experience, if you wish to learn a particular skill, you first have to possess the necessary equipment to perform it. That is, you have to have the right anatomy for the job, and I mean that literally. If I want to become a professional track runner I first need strong legs, a powerful core, and a strong heart and lungs. If I don't have these fundamental requirements I'm doomed to fail from the start. It's one thing to be able to walk. For that I only require the minimum in terms of physical functioning. But to be a track runner? Well, for that I'll need a strong body. Not only that, I'll need a specific type of body too. The body of a runner is different from that of, say, a professional bodybuilder. A dancer's body differs in many obvious ways from that of a powerlifter’s body.

My first encounter with this somewhat obvious fact came when I made the transition from bodybuilding to the Internal Martial Arts. I planned on keeping my bodybuilding practice as an adjunct to my Internal Martial Arts training, but it was clear from the start that this was an impossibility. The Tai Chi body is completely different from the bodybuilder's body! So different, in fact, that they're totally incompatible. So I had to make a choice: Tai Chi or Big Muscles?

I chose Tai Chi…

The same holds true in any serious endeavor. If I want to learn to play the piano, it's not enough that I've got ten fingers and a piano. I need to have some degree of natural talent. I've got to have a good sense of pitch, good coordination, focus, and a good memory. All of these requirements demand a certain physiological and cognitive make-up. Without it, you may be able to play a few chords. You may even be able to learn to read some musical notation. But you'll never be a virtuoso if you're tone deaf or missing a few fingers. In much the same way, it's not enough that you have dreams every night. In order to learn how to have Lucid dreams you've got to be wired that way, either naturally or through sincere and long-term training. Lucid Dreamers have a unique neurology. Either they were born that way or they developed it over time. The same holds true for being an advanced Veiler. To be one means that you not only have a developed and refined neurological wiring for subtle-body activity, but also a well developed subtle-body!

A Veiler's body is different from other bodies….

Think about it, what are advanced yogis, taoists, shamans, and monks doing when they meditate, practice Qigong, or go on vision quests? They're exercising, cultivating, and in a very real sense creating their subtle-body and grounding it in their physical body! That's the whole process in a nutshell. Furthermore, two people can go to the gym and do the same amount of exercising and one of them will still burn fat and build muscle faster than the other.

Not all Veilers are the same. Equality isn't sameness.

Admittedly, this isn't the most popular aspect of my approach to dream work and OOBE. In fact, it makes many people downright angry. After all, assuring people that you can teach anyone how to go Astral, or Lucid Dream, or contact their dead relatives, is a great selling point. I get it! Still, it doesn't change the fact that it's simply not true. In order to become a proficient Veiler you need to first possess and then cultivate a very specific anatomy (see Chapter Four). There are many subtle-body anatomy textbooks available. In this book we'll be working primarily with Taoist, Tibetan, and Tantric methodologies.

That's all fine and well, you say, but what's the ultimate goal of being a Veiler?

The ultimate goal of a Veiler is to attain continuity of consciousness in the Physical, Dream, Astral, and Causal realms.

That sounds like pretty tall order, doesn't it? Well, yes it is and no it isn't. Like any skill, being a Veiler is at least 40% talent. Like any talent, certain personality types tend to have more success with it than others. For example, look at most artists. Most of them tend to be introverted, reclusive, and dreamy. Now contrast that with the outgoing and extraverted personality of, say, a car salesman.

To each his own, right?

This is a sensitive issue not often discussed. After all, telling a certain margin of humanity that they might lack talent in a given area isn't the best way to sell books! Be that as it may, it happens to be true.

So what's the best way to know whether you have a natural proclivity for being a Veiler? Well, first of all, you're reading this. Chances are you wouldn't be were it not for the fact that you've got a natural interest in these topics. In my experience, the natural Veiler tends to be a little introverted, right-hemisphere of the brain, emotionally dialed in, and a sensualist. This doesn't necessarily mean that other Personality Types can't learn how to go Astral or Lucid Dream, only that they'll probably have to take an unorthodox route to get there.

What can YOU expect to find behind the Veil?

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