Free Lucid Dreaming Counselling

Do you have unanswered questions? Are you seeking clarification on specific topics, exercises, or concepts? Are you seeking more information about Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Subliminal Cognition Training™, or one of my publications or articles? Perhaps you've had experiences that you can't explain and you're looking to make sense of them?

This service also provides dream interpretation. To be clear, this is a service to assist YOU in learning to interpret YOUR dreams. Only you can ultimately decode the language of your subconscious mind. All I can do is guide you to that ability.

Feel free to contact me! It's free of charge and I'll do my best to assist you. In fact, if I can't help you, I'll link you to someone who can. It's the least I can do to make your quest toward the continuity of consciousness a little smoother.

You can contact me via FaceTime, Email, Phone, or Messenger.


Phone: (845) 242-9974


PS: Because I work a full time job, text is preferred if contacting by phone. Or else feel free to leave me a detailed message and I'll call you back as soon as possible. 😊

Your Fellow Traveller,

Daniel A. Kelley


Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming

A Comprehensive Guide to Promote Creativity, Overcome Sleep Disturbances & Enhance Health and Wellness

Clare R. Johnson, PhD

“Dr. Clare Johnson has energetically led the way in revealing the limitless practical and spiritual potential of lucid dreaming.”

– Dr. Keith Hearne, pioneering scientist who provided the first proof of lucid dreaming

Wake Up in Your Dreams and Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life

A lucid dream is a dream in which you become aware that you’re dreaming. It’s a powerful opportunity to solve problems, create new possibilities, take charge of your own healing, and explore the depths of reality. This book provides a range of practical techniques and activities to help you bring the creativity and super-conscious awareness of lucid dreaming into your life.

Join international expert Clare R. Johnson as she shares the most up-to-date lucid dreaming techniques on how to get and stay lucid, guide dreams, resolve nightmares, deepen creativity, and integrate dream wisdom into everyday life. Drawing on cutting-edge science and psychology, this book is packed with inspiring stories of life-changing lucid dreams and fascinating insights into topics such as the ethics of dream sex, how to interact with lucid dream figures, and the nature of consciousness.

Whether you’re a person who barely remembers your dreams or a life-long lucid dreamer, this in-depth guide is the perfect next step as you cultivate the power of lucid dreaming.

“A powerful how-to resource book that is also inspirational. Highly recommended!”

– Patricia Garfield, PhD, author of Creative Dreaming

“What particularly caught my eye as a sleep medicine doctor is how lucid dreaming can benefit nightmares and various other sleep disturbances… This is a magnificent book!”


   – Carlos H. Schenck, MD, author of Sleep: The Mysteries, the Problems and the Solutions

Clare R. Johnson, PhD, has researched lucid dreaming for two decades and is a life-long lucid dreamer. Board Director and Vice President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, she's a regular speaker in the United States and Europe, where she shares her transformative lucid dreaming techniques. Her books include Dream Therapy and Dreamrunner. Visit her online at

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