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(Editorial Services: You Can't Afford to Not Do it. But You Can Afford This!)

So you've finally finished writing your book. You've read through it countless times and you're certain that it's ready to be published. Perhaps you've even had a few trusted friends proofread your manuscript and you're confident that it's time to publish.


I've seen countless projects go belly up because talented writers jumped the gun and published their work prematurely. I get it! As a self-published author myself, I'm quite familiar with the process and how tempting it can be to make the two most common errors. What are these errors, you ask?

•Perfectionist Fever

•Impulsive Itch Syndrome

As you've probably already guessed, you've got perfectionist fever when you can't decide when and how to end your book. I've seen writers get through an entire book and then suddenly change the basic plot. I've also seen writers get so tied up in the inconsistencies and contradictions within their narrative that they can't even decide how to best formulate their ideas.

Let's just say that this is rarely a good thing! Sometimes it works out in the end, but that's almost always due to the stubborn determination of the author and not because of his or her efficiency.

On the other hand, you've got impulsive itch syndrome when you prematurely publish without hiring a qualified Editor or Proofreader. This is one reason why the folks of KDP Select at Amazon.com allow authors to edit their content after they publish. Premature publishing is one of the most common mistakes that authors make!

And that's totally understandable.

As an author, it's your job to write the book, get your basic ideas down on paper, state your ideas as clearly as possible, and know your audience. From there, the editorial work begins.

That's where I come in 😎

As I've said, I'm a published author myself. I've published three books that are doing well and I've edited them all myself. I know the editorial process intimately. That's the first important thing for an author to know: That their editor is competent, thorough, and well-acquainted with  the ENTIRE process of editorial services. The second most important thing for an author to know is how fair the PRICING will be for editorial services rendered.

Again. That's where I come in.

The average price per page for COPYEDITING is $4.00 per page. The average cost of PROOFREADING is $3.00 per page. Lastly, the average cost of CONTENT editing is $7.50 per page.

That's alot of money!!!!

But again, I'm also a published author. I know how much your project means to you and how frustrating it can be to have the finished product not meet your standards; which is why I would NEVER charge the average rate for editorial services! Instead, I jettison the average cost of proofreading your book and charge separately for copyediting and content editing. After all, you may be perfectly satisfied with your plot and format but may only need basic editorial services to complete your book, and vice versa. You'll find below my going rate. Now tell me, does it get any easier than that? 😉

If your book is between 150-250 pages, the total price is $200. If your book is between 300-350 pages, the total price is $300. If your book is between 350-400 pages, the total price is $350. I currently don't edit books with a page-count larger than 400.

When you can't afford to go through Vanity Publishers or ridiculous overpriced editors, you can't afford to not come to me.


(payments made through PayPal)

For a page count of 150-250.

For a page count of 300-350.

For a page count of 350-400.

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