Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Why don't you include isochronic tones and binaural beats technology in your work on dream control?

A. This is a question I get often, and it's one that I expected at the outset of writing Behind the Veil. The reasons I've not included hemispheric synchronization MP3s and links in my work is because, honestly, I just don't believe they help one become Lucid or Astral. I've experimented with binaural technology for over ten years, and even wrote one college paper on the subject, and if I'm being totally honest, I'm just not that impressed. And I really wanted to be impressed by them! As a musician, I'm fascinated with the ability of sound vibration to alter consciousness, but I've been let down every time by binaural beats technology. To be sure, I've had great success with isochronic tones during certain meditation practices, but I truly feel this had more to do with my own meditation skill. I could've just as easily listened to the sound of my own breathing and arrived at the same state. Don't get me wrong, binaural beats do help some people, but what's placebo value and what's product value remains to be seen. As always I suggest you experiment for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Q. What are your thoughts on the New Age movement?

A. When the New Age movement first hit the scene, it occupied maybe one small row of books at my local bookstore. I remember being sixteen years old and walking through the New Age section in a local Barnes and Noble and feeling quite embarrassed as people stared at the freak, yours truly. Nowadays, it's not uncommon for the New Age section to occupy an entire floor! The movement truly mushroomed out at a  pace too rapid for its own good, if you ask me. What started out as a well-intentioned attempt to bridge ancient wisdom with modern science has very quickly degenerated into a hodgepodge of hocus pocus, one-sided feminine bias, and an almost comical Romanticism. That said, there are still some really great books and teachers out there whose work is primarily (and almost unavoidably) categorized as "new age". So I haven't thrown the baby out with the bathwater or given up hope entirely for the New Age movement. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the paperback version of Behind the Veil someday finds itself wedged between books on Paganism or Alien Abduction. But I sure hope not!

Q. In your opinion, are there any dangers associated with dream-control and astral travel?

A. Absolutely. Just about anything in the known universe can be used for gain or detriment, depending upon a few factors. When it comes to practices such as dream control and astral projection we're dealing with aspects of the psyche and subtle body which most of us aren't familiar with. Just imagine walking in the dark in the wilderness somewhere. You have no or minimal knowledge of the terrain and you can barely see where you're stepping. Your next step could just as easily be onto a clear path or off of a cliff! It's much the same situation when you're exploring behind the Veil. This is especially true in the beginning stages of practice. Also, if you lack a framework or map of these realms and a working knowledge of how to categorize and deal with the phenomena encountered there then you're more likely to become confused, obsessed, or downright terrified. That's the main reason why the first part of Behind the Veil deals primarily with learning the terrain, framework, and methods of categorizing these experiences before entering into the more practical aspects of dream mastery. Remember: It's just as easy to have a Lucid Nightmare and it is to have a Lucid Dream!

Q. What is your opinion on the Aurora headband technology? Does it work? Would you recommend it?

A. I've never tried the Aurora headband, but it's quite an interesting concept. I'm off the opinion that if it works.....USE IT! As long as it's safe and practical and helps you achieve Lucidity, go for it. There are many ways up a mountain, and everyone has to do the work of experimentation to see which path works best. The Aurora isn't cheap, though, so be prepared. Lastly, there's something to be said about learning a skill the hard way. In my experience, there's more to gain by using your own will and talents to achieve something you really want. But that's just my own take on things.

Q. You call your system of Tarot, "Animitariomancy". How did you come up with that name?

A. I came up with the word by combining the Latin words for Soul (Animi), Art-Image (Imitari), and Oracle (Mantia). Like my overall system itself (Subliminal Cognition Training), my method of Tarot is rooted in an Integral model. Although there's definitely a Premonitory element to Animitariomancy, it's more of an expanded view of the Now rather than a fortune-telling method. I'm currently editing my book, "Predicting the Present: Twenty-two Fingers Pointing at the Moon," in which I give a rough outline of my approach. Animitariomancy requires the practitioner to have at least an intermediate level of skill in Lucid Dreaming and meditation. It's not a requirement in the Subliminal Cognition Training™ Curriculum, but it's a wonderful supplement to it. I myself stumbled upon it by accident. It was the direct result of a hybrid between my multidisciplinary practices over the course of two decades. Eventually, I decided to share it, but I didn't want it to be misunderstood as fortune-telling, so I gave it an original name.

Q. Looking at some of the responses from people on Lucid Dreaming forums, Animitariomancy has had a tough time finding open arms within the Oneironaut community. Why do you think this is so?

A. I think the main reason for the backlash has to do with the nasty reputation Tarot has gotten because of the many con artists out there. I almost always have to preface my introducing it with an apology for this reason. I've been reading Tarot for many years, and I understand what people expect from it. Few people really want to use the cards as a transformative tool. The Oneironaut community can specifically benefit from my approach, as the archetypal imagery of the cards come alive in the dream world and Astral Planes. I strongly believe that the resistance will change after the publication of my forthcoming book.

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