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Minister. Freemason. Counselor. Spiritual Guide. Ken Stuczynski is one of the most compassionate, knowledgeable, and wise teachers I've ever known. Ken's contact information is listed below his introduction.

In his own words:

My path of Spiritual development within this lifetime was primarily Jnana with a fullness of Bhakti. I was

inquisitive of the nature of existence in every way since before grade school, but the tools available to

me were limited to Western sciences and crude theology. All of it was placed within a larger

cosmological framework where the spiritual and physical were complimentary and reconciled rather

than contradictory.

Nearing adolescence, an exploration of paranormal psychology brought me to New Age thought (with

recurring exposure to Hindu metaphysics) until a chance meeting brought my attention to Zen

Buddhism. This proved essential in exhausting my intellect to transcend what had become a rigid

viewpoint of a purely logical universe.

After a couple of years of study and extending my reading to the Christian Gospels (which seemed like

an obvious additional step), in 1982, I “experienced” a general Satori in conjunction with the impressing

of hands in the sacrament of Catholic Confirmation. My striving done, my natural interest in all things


In College, I received formal education in Western Metaphysics, Mysticism (Eastern and Western), and

Eastern Philosophy, particularly Taoism. Comparative World Religion became more than an interest – a

smorgasbord of models and frameworks to understand and navigate the world. My minor was in

psychology with a near-minor in various other subjects.

As a youth, I often served as confidant and even counselor to friends, and on occasion strangers in need.

Over the years I learned to speak to each person in their own cultural and spiritual language, while

encouraging them to broaden their minds with alternate and even contradictory viewpoints (to the

extent they were willing and capable).

In high school, I was the youngest (and only non-adult) facilitator for the RENEW religious program in

the Diocese of Buffalo. I served in nearly every possible ministry available in my Church and was a

candidate for the priesthood, eventually deciding against it due to the vow of obedience. Over the years,

I taught Summer Bible School, was a level 3 trained Catechist, and an occasional substitute teacher for a

grade school. After a decade of teaching martial arts (and innumerable life lessons it can entail), I started

working with recovering veterans using Tai Chi once to twice a week (2001-Present).

I ran several workshops for EPIC (Effective Parenting of Infants and Children) and have longstanding

certification in the Protecting God’s Children Program (Virtus.Org).

I have extensive informal experience in both secular and religious counselling – the approach depending

on the person – and have used many modalities, as diverse as hypnotism, exorcism, and freeform chi

kung (even before I consciously knew what that was). I’ve dealt with individuals related to many issues,

including depression, prophetic visions, suicide, and relationships.

As an Interfaith Minister, I put together and use a program to counsel couples before marriage that can

be used in any cultural or religious context. I also started the Zero Intolerance Initiative to promote

understanding across all social and psychological boundaries that keep people at a distance from each


I found many of my personal values and ideals espoused by Freemasonry, and in 2012 became a Master

Mason, active in a number of lodges and concordant bodies. This has given me access and experie3nce

in the Western Esoteric Tradition far deeper than what I had read about previously. Since then, I’ve

written and presented on many subjects throughout the state, with some pieces republished in other

jurisdictions. I wrote a presentation (that will eventually become a book) that compares Eastern

Metaphysics and Mysticism to Western Esotericism in a historical and intellectual context. This will

encompass much of my life’s journey in these subjects.

What I am willing to offer is human contact on whatever levels people may need and are comfortable

with. I am recognized by those who know me as non-judgmental, encouraging, and tactfully honest. I

can hold many viewpoints at once, ever mindful of that of the other person in what I call “Compassion of

Mind”. I don’t hold back from people and treat most people as if it were a lifelong relationship with

some obligation of friendship. This can be draining, but gives an assurance that any help I give is not

meant to “fix” someone and move on.

I am willing to work on Skype, Facebook, or other channels as appropriate and useful.

Ken Stuczynski

Kentropolis Internet Community


716-241-1329 / master@kentropolis.com

Feel free to contact me as well, should you ever feel overwhelmed by spiritual emergency, psychic phenomena, or ascension symptoms from psychospiritual opening. Having gone through these experiences myself for the past twenty years, through poverty, homelessness, addiction, hospitalization for depression/anxiety, misdiagnoses, etc, I understand how frightening, lonely, and confusing this journey can be. Don't hesitate to reach out!

Daniel A. Kelley

(845) 242-9974



Christina Sportiello has a life story that belies her peaceful and beautiful appearance. Having gone through numerous "identity deaths" and dark night's of the soul with full, honest, and unwavering self-observation, she's endured homelessness and unspeakable trauma. Mrs. Sportiello is also a wife and mother and has arrived at a place of profound empathy for the joys and sufferings of all sentient beings. Her online videos and blogs have inspired countless seekers on their own paths. She is currently seeking employment in the Hospice profession so that she may comfort the sick and dying.

Her contact information is listed below:

Christina Sportiello


http://behindtheveilsimdif.com (contact me tab)

(845) 549-4709

Wilma Turgeon is a devoted Christian, wife, and mother of three. Having served for many years as an Accountability Partner within the Church, Wilma has cultivated a firm and grounded appreciation for the vicissitudes of spiritual devotion in a world gone mad. Her unwavering faith, altruism, and unconditional love for her fellow seekers are qualities which I simply had to add to this site.

Her contact information is listed below:

Wilma Turgeon.

(413) 244-8692


Ivan Kos is the author of the books "Skygates of the Mind" and "Transcendental Rebirthing". His no-nonsense approach to Out of Body Experience has earned him a unique place among authors and teachers of the subject, and it's an honor to feature him here at the Veiler's Haven. A fundamental tenet of Ivan's system is that most, of not all, psychoactive compounds used by Shaman, such as DMT Ergotines, Psilocybin, and Cannabinoids, can be produced endogenously (within the body) through specific practices such as Lucid Dreaming, Holotropic Breathwork, and even Firewalking.

Ivan can be contacted by email:


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