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My first WILD in over 30 years. Let me just mark this on the calendar: 9/6/17. Thank you, Daniel Kelley. And to think I am only on the third week of my 120 day challenge. My dreams really are becoming more vivid, too, as they should in the first month of the program. Because that is the goal. While I'm thinking about it, it may be closer to 32 or 33 years. I wasn't expecting to lose the ability at the time back then.

Recently I was taking a quick nap when I got up to turn on a light and forgot to bring my body with me. Thanks, Daniel Kelley. I haven't had an OBE since '90 or '91.

-Tom Kinney (Iowa US)

There are only two books I have found available in English that are rich in esoteric tradition and energetic practices for lucid dreaming. This is one of them, the other would undoubtedly be Stavish's treatise on the topic*. The main reason for this is that in the western tradition the spiritual bodies are 'built', they are not assumed to be there as accessible states, its usually just the lucky individuals that through karma or some equally inexplicable reason possess them. In fact the same case applies for eastern traditions like many schools of Tantra.

What Daniel Kelley's book provides is a program for energetic development through traditional methods ( with a tantric and taoist leaning) and some genuinely insightful exercises to help develop the dream body. I have a fair amount of previous knowledge and I was delighted to get some new ideas that are already improving my abilities. Its for these that I am writing the positive review. The first half is dedicated to the theory, and he provides a good rational overview indeed. The second half is dedicated to the practices I'm lauding. I think this and Stavish are for me the books I would recommend to friends or interested travelers without hesitation.

-Jon Senekal (UK)

Few people in this world hold such authentic and conscientious beliefs and wisdom with as much humility as Daniel Kelly. I'm so happy and excited for the journey that begins with the release of this book.

-Anne Marie Shirley (NY)

This book is the best book I've read on the subject of Lucid Dreaming.

It gives a complete history and great tips and for an experienced "veiler" for someone who wouldn't even know where to start.

Lastly, I've been obsessed with this subject for a long time and have come across so much people and books that try to tackle this subject and it ends up just a confusing rabble. This is unbelievably written. I honestly never write reviews like this.

-Nikki Reed (US)

It seems like the market is flooded with books on the dreaming arts. Forums abound with near endless discussions on lucid dreaming, astral projection and OBEs. However, very few of these media channels offer an up-to-date comprehensive synthesis of the relevant information that would help dreamers with native talent get their footing or to guide the uninitiated into the many aspects of exploring "behind the veil". Usually, these materials tend to be unbalanced, uncritical and unwholesome. This is not the fault of the authors, per se, but that they are either obsolete or are rigidly scientific. For instance, one of my favorite texts is The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castenada, which is a great literary achievement, but a poor user's manual for beginner approaching the practical techniques of exploratory dreaming (however, every advanced "veiler" would do well to familiarize herself/himself with that extraordinary work). Daniel Kelley borrows from neuroscience as well as traditional knowledge, such as the Tibetan Dreaming Yogas, to create an approachable and user-friendly method to those who are either new to this stuff, or are wanting to take their "inner-space explorations" to the next level.

One of the key contributions of this work is the acknowledgement of personal empowerment and intention when deciding to go "beyond the veil". This is crucial, because there is a tendency for beginers to give over to their fears of their own projections, which often generates one of two reactions: it frightens them away to face their unconscious fears, or they'll unwittingly attempt to use it to scare themselves into "higher consciousness". Daniel Kelley teaches us not to react, but to respond. That is, you must face up to your fears, because they are the wounded parts of ourselves that are imprinted within our energy body. Once we come to terms with our conscious or repressed fears, then we can continue to co-create our realities in wakefulness, sleep or beyond. Robert Bly, the great poet, says: "We must eat our own shadow". I rather like that.

Kevin J. Foltz

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