Welcome to the Veiler's Haven

Welcome to The Veiler's Haven!

I know how you feel.

You've always known that there's more to you, to life, to "reality", than meets the eye. Perhaps you've already glimpsed some of the treasures and terrors that lie behind the Veil. Perhaps this glimpse came after ingesting a powerful psychedelic. Maybe it happened while on a lengthy meditation retreat. Or perhaps your glimpse was the result of a near death experience, or after falling in love. Maybe you haven't yet seen the other side and are looking for a comprehensive methodology to set you on the right path.

The Veiler's Haven is dedicated to the pursuit of the continuity of consciousness throughout the three broad states of Waking, Dreaming, and Dreamless Sleep. Here at The Veiler's Haven, you'll find a plethora of soul-stretching articles, publications, and techniques centered on this pursuit. Regardless what spiritual path you're on, you're welcome here! Whether you're Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Taoist, or Atheist, you too can deepen your connection to your Self, Spirit, God, Gaia, Nirvana, or the Divine by any other name. This site welcomes all perspectives regardless of caste, culture, political ideology, or creed. Valuing respect, personal and collective evolution, altruism, creativity, direct experience, and priceless enthusiasm, we strive for communion and an honest and open sharing of knowledge and wisdom with all who sincerely hunger for it.

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Are you struggling on your own path of spiritual growth? Perhaps you're experiencing Ascension symptoms, a Dark Night of the Soul, or psychic phenomena for which you can't find an explanation. Well, take advantage of The Veiler's Haven Crisis Hotline. Teachers and guides from all walks of life are ready to listen and share their wisdom with you. It's free!

Perhaps you're writing a book about Esoteric topics. If so, take advantage of The Veiler's Haven Editorial, Ghost Writing, and Proofreading Service. As a site dedicated to the exploration of consciousness, The Veiler's Haven is uniquely qualified to help you deliver a cogent, precise, and readable book. Daniel A. Kelley is our on-site Editor. As a published author himself, Daniel is acquainted with the rigors of the writing process. Plus you can't beat our competitive rates. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Interested in learning Energy Arts like Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Meditation, or Internal Strength Training? We've got you covered!

Discover the healing power of sound with our creative and educational S.P.A.C.E program. The Sacred Piano and Classical Education course offers you a chance to either learn traditional piano AND/OR how to discover and utilize the frequency of your own Guiding Light.

You can also share your favorite methods, blogs, art, publications, or simply your journey, and we'll post it here for others to enjoy. The Veiler's Haven is always seeking new members and contributors so that others may benefit from a community willing to share their experiences, their expertise, and their vision. Anything which contributes to heightened awareness, intelligence, compassion, and psychospiritual development, is welcome here at The Veiler's Haven.

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