Sacred Piano and Classical Education (S.P.A.C.E)

This improv piece is in the key of C Major, and is designed to stimulate the mind, uplift the spirit, invigorate the solar plexus and circulatory system, and provoke confidence and creative inspiration.

The Veiler's Haven now offers piano lessons via Facetime, in person, email, and Skype. Whether you want to be classically trained or simply learn how to utilize sound to enhance your meditation or overall wellbeing, you get it all right here behind the Veil!

Here are your options:

• CLASSICAL PIANO TUTORING: This is the traditional way of learning. In this comprehensive approach to the keys, you'll learn in a cumulative fashion everything from Scales, Chord Progressions, Finger Positions, Musical Notation, and Drills.

• SACRED PIANO: This course explores the unique effects that pitch, key, and progression has on your Etheric, Astral, and Physical bodies. We each have a unique sonic fingerprint, a vibration which, once found, can promote rapid healing, creative inspiration, and deep meditation.

Each lesson is conducted by pianist Daniel Kelley. Each lesson is an hour long and YOU choose your level of commitment. The lessons and courses are priced in a manner that gives you total freedom to sample and explore before you choose whether to commit to a full course.

No flashy gimmicks. No one-size-fits-all modules. Just you, me, and the music of the spheres.

Come explore the magical power of sound!

NOTE: In person lessons are for residents of the Hudson Valley only.

Perhaps you'd like to start by sampling a lesson. Or maybe you just prefer to take it one lesson at a time. If so, choose this option. Each lesson is an hour long.

I look forward to making music with you!


Per Lesson

So you've decided to take a full Course. Great! Select this option and we'll get started. Each course is divided into two one-one-one sessions per week. This also includes email correspondence and written material, videos, and even phone calls (optional).


Per Course
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