Lessons in Qigong and Taoist Meditation

Many students of Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and OBE in general, tend to overlook the importance of subtle-body work. It's true that the aforementioned talents don't require mastery of the various yogas of India or Qigongs of China, but whether you realize or not you're inadvertently drawing on many of the skills taught in those systems whenever you Lucid Dream or go Astral. To give one example, stable access to deep-stage Lucidity relies on one's ability to relax and focus one's awareness in the present moment while in an altered state of consciousness.

That's meditation!!

Furthermore, inducing a WILD (wake induced lucid dream) or going Astral demands a loosening of one's subtle-body and the ability to move around in and out of the physical body. This requires energy and a strong mind/body connection above the normal range.

This is the very essence of Neidan Qigong, particularly the Qigong of Xi'an Taoism.

In my system of Subliminal Cognition Training (SCT) ™, I stress the importance of training all three "bodies", as strengthening and nourishing one will lay the foundation for cultivating the others. Far from being a ladder-like process, this three-body cross-training proceeds more like a mandala which spirals in, out, up, down, and converging upon a gradual center of mastery. The three bodies are the Gross, Subtle, and Causal bodies. These correspond to Waking, Dreaming, and Dreamless sleep, respectively. These three bodies can be extended into five as follows:

• Gross Body (Physical Body)

• Etheric Body (Qi Body)

• Dream Body (Emotional Body)

• Astral Body (Ghost Body)

• Causal Body (Bliss Body)

My system, developed over the course of my two decades of practice and research, endeavors to train the student in the strengthening and awakening of these bodies and their  secret capacities.

I call these spiritual athletes "Veilers". Each of the five bodies has it's own unique psychic environment, each separated by a "veil" of unconscousness. I call these:

• The Veil of Tears

• The Veil of Breath

• The Veil of Dreams

• The Veil of Ghosts

• The Veil of Bliss

One of the most mind-blowing discoveries I've made in my own quest involves the undeniable link between certain ancient Taoist practices and the skills of Conscious Sleep. I learned my methods of Meditation from a variety of sources, but it wasn't until I met my Qigong and Neigong masters that everything came together for me. I learned my Taijiquan and Xingyquan from Master Yang Jwing Ming of YMAA and Jason Blickstein of the Li Gui Chang lineage. I achieved Embryonic Breathing and Microcosmic Orbit between the years 2010-2016. Along the way I discovered the connection between these practices and the art of Conscious Sleep.

And now I can teach it to you too! 😊


• Embryonic Breathing (Wuji)

• Small Circulation (Microcosmic Orbit)

• Yang Style Tai Chi (short and long form)

• Grand Circulation (with nature and partner)

• Tui Na Si Ba (Muscle/Tendon Brain and Bone Marrow Cleansing)

• Zhan Zhuang (internal strengthening stances)

• Qigong Massage (Solo and Partner)

• Taiji Wooden Ball Qigong.

(Coaching done on Skype, FaceTime, or In Person)

Only $50 per session.


-Daniel Kelley

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