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Welcome to the Veiler's Haven. When I first published this site to the web my goal was to build a website specifically for teaching Subliminal Cognition Training™ and networking various teachers, authors, and guides so that seekers could have a place where they can find anything they're looking for in one place. But then I got to thinking:

Why not offer Tarot and Pendulum readings as well?

After all, I've been reading for myself and others for over twenty years now with good results. So I've decided to offer that service too for anyone that might be interested.

My primary deck is the Crowley/Harris Thoth deck. It's a stunningly beautiful deck with only minor variations from standard format and is rooted in Kabbalah, Astrology, Alchemy, Esoteric Christianity, and the Western Hermetic Tradition. As such, the deck is packed with archetypal and spiritual meaning. The pendulum I use is amethyst and moonstone.

I do NOT do fortune-telling! The method of Tarot which I use is psychospiritual. I use Tarot as a means of building a pictorial bridge between the CONSCIOUS/SUBCONSCIOUS/SUPERCONSCIOUS aspects of your psyche.

I know traditional spreads AND can also customize spreads according to your particular questions and the unique situations they reflect. I offer general readings as well as my own unique approach to Tarot for those who are interested in a more targeted and psychotherapeutic approach.

I call this method Animitariomancy.

I invented this term out of an amalgamation of the Latin words for Soul (Animi), Image (Imitari), and Oracle (Mantia). I use Tarot as part of my system of Conscious Sleep: Subliminal Cognition Training (SCT)™.

There are a few ways to employ Animitariomancy, and I utilize several different methods depending upon the nature of the question. Here's just one example:

Watch the video below of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, calm your mind down while contemplating your question, and then pick the cards that stir you emotionally, write them down, and send them to me. These cards represent your conscious feelings about the situation. Next, I'll ask you to pick a number from 1-22. I'll shuffle the cards and stop on the number you choose. I'll then lay the cards out in a series of three-card spreads. The first spread answers your subconscious hopes and fears about the issue. If none of the cards you initially picked while watching the video come up, that means that the solution or answer to your question has nothing to do with your conscious ideas about it. Rather, the solution is either to be found in your subconscious, superconscious, or social environment. If you do see some of the cards you picked, that means that your intuition regarding the issue is accurate in the area represented by those cards. In this initial three-card spread, you learn whether or not your conscious ideas about the situation are in accord with your subconscious understanding, which is always honest.

Next, we shuffle the cards again and stop on a number of your choosing (1-22), at which point I lay out another three-card spread. This spread represents your superconscious understanding of the situation. If you do see some of the cards that you initially picked while watching the video, that means that your subconscious, conscious, and superconscious aspects are in agreement regarding the energy or idea symbolized by the card (s) you initially picked.

Lastly, if your question involves another person, or more than one person, and you'd like to know what roles they play in your situation, we'll employ the 16 Court cards, which represent personality-types (among other things). We'll designate a Court card for each person involved and then ask questions to determine who's who in your situation. For example, if you'd like to know who's the best "teacher" or "advice giver" in the situation, we'll shuffle the Court cards, lay them out from left to right, you'll pick a number from 1-16, and the person represented by the Court card of that number will serve as the best teacher or lesson in your particular situation. For example, perhaps you're projecting upon this person certain traits that you yourself possess but aren't aware of (Shadow). Or maybe this person is a wise guide or has information you might want to know regarding your issue.

So where does the Pendulum come into play?

Pendulums are a psionic device which are great for questions that require a "Yes" or "No" answer. Unlike Tarot cards, which are interpretive in nature, Pendulums are rather direct and can be useful for clarifying certain fuzzy answers given in a Tarot reading. Pendulums can used to draw cards after shuffling; to point out the Significator in a spread (card representing you or someone else); to communicate with your Higher Self (and learn it's name); to clarify the meaning and message of dreams; ect.

Pay special attention to your dreams after the reading!

Precisely because the Animitariomantic approach stimulates communication between the various levels of your psyche, it's not uncommon to see find precious information about your question in the dream world. I dream in Tarot images all the time! So keep a regular dream journal if you can.

This method is great for Lucid Dreamers, and I've recently put out two books on the subject. Queries about your twin-flame? Goals? Spiritual growth? Business? Social circle? The Animitariomancy approach places the Archetypal imagery of Tarot into your tool belt so that the subconscious and conscious regions of your psyche have a language with which to better communicate.

Pretty far out, yes? 😊

Although there is a prognostic element to my readings, my style is more properly called predicting the PRESENT, not the future. The difference between fortune-telling and what I do is that the latter views the future as simply an expanded view of the NOW, whereas the former approach tends to marginalize the NOW with an almost obsessive eye on the future. In other words, fortune-telling tells you WHAT might happen. My style tells you WHY it might happen and what you can do about it.

The readings are $20 per session. All transactions are made through PayPal.

Interested? Great! Here's what to do:

Simply click the "contact me" tab in the upper left corner of my homepage. Email me your question (one at a time please!) and give me twenty-four hours to review it. Please include your name and date of birth. I'll then prepare your reading and contact you. I'll even email you a photo of the Tarot spread first, free of charge, should you decide to research it yourself rather than get a full reading from me. If you do decide to have your spread interpreted by me, you'll then be asked for payment and, as soon as the transaction clears, your detailed reading will be promptly emailed to you!

Please make sure that any question you wish to ask is one of serious importance to you, otherwise you might ask a question but Tarot will answer something else. This is

due to Tarot's true function, which is to serve as a mirror of your subconscious and superconscious, which are always truthful. Questions better left to the toss of a coin aren't suitable for Tarot.

Also, be sure to word your question clearly and carefully. For divination, all I'm required to know is the context of your question. The details are unimportant. For example, is the topic LOVE, WORK, GOALS, FAMILY, SPIRITUALITY, and so on.

As soon as I receive your question you'll get a response from me via email. All questions will be answered within twenty-four hours.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Your Fellow Traveller,

Daniel Kelley

Daniel is the creator of Animitariomancy, a psychotherapeutic method of reading Tarot, and has been reading and studying Tarot for over twenty years and is the author of the books, Predicting the Present: An Integral Examination of the 22 Trumps of the Thoth Tarot and Behind the Veil: the Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep, and A Garden of Vines.

Daniel is also the creator of Subliminal Cognition Training (SCT)™, an Integral appoach to the study and practice of Conscious Sleep. Tarot plays a role in this system as well, and Daniel has created a method of reading Tarot which aims to forge a stronger link to the subconscious mind of the questioner.

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