The Lucidity Scrolls: Pamphlets for the Aspriring Veiler

Channeling Intensity: For Full-sensory Dreaming

By Daniel Allen Kelley

In this mini-book, author/teacher Daniel Allen Kelley offers the foundational practice for the GET VIVID! portion of his 120-Days-Curriculum. Introduced in a fresh and new way, this powerful mindfulness practice sets the stage for future Lucidity Scrolls.

Included are the foundational practices of Trance, Embryonic Breathing, and Microcosmic Orbit.

Foreword by SCT student, Rebecca Arnette.

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The Salvia Chronicles: The Diviner's Sage for Lucid Dreaming

Here, in Lucidity Scroll #2, Daniel Allen Kelley---author of the SCT series---shares his personal experience with The Diviner's Sage.

The reader is, with a dose of humor, left to draw his or her own conclusions whether the story is true or anecdotal. The plant is, after all, illegal in many parts of the world.

Kelley then offers a powerful technique which utilizes Salvia Divinorum as a Lucidity aid...which he learned from an enchanted personality the reality of whom he once again leaves to the reader to determine.

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This booklet is for educational purposes only. The author in no way advocates the illegal use of psychotropic drugs or plants. Any indiscretions on the part of the reader is not the author's responsibility.

The Touchless Orgasm

Lucidity Scroll #3

Daniel Allen Kelley, author of the Subliminal Cognition Training series, offers three powerful techniques designed to bring all five-senses to bear in the dreaming process. The first practice teaches how to conjure up tactile sensations without the need for real physical contact. It also opens and cleanses the meridians of the Etheric Body and soothes the nerves. The second practice trains the senses of Smell and Taste in imagination, so that these too may be included in the dreaming process. The last method brings all five senses to bear in what might be called Onanism for the Oneironaut.

The Lucidity Scrolls are mini-books designed to be candid, comprehensive, and specific. With methods culled from the author's 120-Days Curriculum, The Lucidity Scrolls are concise workbook pamphlets that get straight to the point. For the full 120-Days-Curriculum, see the book "Behind The Veil: The Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep" (The Original Falcon Press 2018).

The W.RC.B.T.B. Technique

Lucidity Scroll #4

In this Lucidity Scroll, author and teacher Daniel Allen Kelley re-imagines the most scientifically tested method for inducing Lucid Dreams! The "Wake back to Bed" method (WBTB) has been proven the most effective for learning how to quickly experience Lucid Dreaming.

After being taught by a Dream Character how to build on the WBTB technique, Kelley created the WRCBTB method. This technique is WBTB on steroids!

The Lucidity Scrolls are concise mini-workbooks designed by the author to get straight to the good stuff. With methods culled from his 120-Days-Curriculum, The Lucidity Scrolls are ideal for Oneironauts looking to refine specific skills on Conscious Sleep.

For the full 120-Days-Curriculum, see Kelley's "Book One" of the Subliminal Cognition Training series, "Behind The Veil: The Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep" (The Original Falcon Press 2018)


In this mini-book, author and teacher, Daniel Allen Kelley, teaches fundamental exercises for inducing Out of Body Experience. Taken from the core module of his Subliminal Cognition Training series, these methods get straight to the point. No nonsense. No excessive theoretical ramblings. No blind metaphysics. You'll learn malleable proprioception, bi-locationality, the dissociative reflex, and other original techniques for building the anatomy of a "Veiler". Even if you've never read the other Lucidity Scrolls or full-length books offered by Kelley, this concise pamphlet contains everything you need to get started having your own OOBE!

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